Signing a message

Questions 6 and 7 of the form ask you for your public key and signed PeerId, respectively. You can obtain both those values by running the signer script that's bundled with the aleph-node-runner repo:
The output should contain three values:
Public key: 0801122050faa087b658135466b0615767f1f725a672872a1bb9f3d9191d1e403d67c5c9
Signed message: 7f5c63905a7f134300d35e24e565e9aa3f76714743a94b0876aff94afc2122a7d4e1b77f959374eac534c28cfa0a47fe906a124a696c6c08a2bcd731c14c0a01
You need to paste the in the form (without the preceding names of course).