Running the node

After completing this section, your node will be connected to the Aleph Zero Testnet and will start receiving blocks from the network.


All prerequisites are exactly the same as on the Testnet with regard to the ports and system configuration. We will present a short reminder on how to get the Aleph Node Runner and start it to connect to Mainnet.

Clone the Aleph Node Runner repo:

git clone
cd aleph-node-runner

Setup and running

Once inside the aleph-node-runner folder, run:

./ -n <your_nodes_name>  --ip <your public ip> --mainnet

If you are using a domain name instead of an IP (e.g. in a DynDNS configuration), you will need to pass the --dns argument:

./ -n <your_nodes_name> --dns <your domain name> --mainnet

Management of the node and any custom options are the same as on Testnet with the notable difference of the config being located in the env/validator_mainnet file.

Please make sure to verify your installation as per the Testnet instructions.

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