Telegram Notifications

Aleph Zero Alerts team has developed a Telegram bot that enables you to set up alerts for your wallets, staking events, and validators within the Aleph Zero mainnet. Here are the functionalities it provides:
  • Subscribe to a wallet and receive notifications about its transactions and stacking activity.
  • Set up alerts for your validator and receive notifications about any downtime events.
  • Subscribe to the “whale alerts” and receive notifications about any significant transfers and stacking events.
  • Subscribe to the price alerts and receive notifications when you reach the previously set desired price for AZERO.

Aleph Zero Bot

Sekoya Labs has developed a Telegram bot that allows you to stay in touch with the Aleph Zero mainnet. You can add accounts to its watchlist to view detailed information about them, including nomination details about a validator account. Additionally, you can get general Aleph Zero network statistics.