The Aleph Zero ecosystem consists of a web of interconnected projects, initiatives, and partnerships that are dedicated to building the Web3 future.

At the moment, Aleph Zero’s ecosystem consists of the following:

  • AlephBFT Consensus: A novel DAG protocol

  • Aleph Zero Cloud: A decentralized file storage solution supported by IPFS

  • Smart Contracts: Scalable, self-executing, private smart contracts that will soon include added privacy capabilities via Liminal

  • Common: A decentralized exchange (DEX) with a trustless universal wallet

  • Liminal: A multichain privacy layer usable across all networks that bridge to Aleph Zero

  • Future infrastructure use cases

The network is also a bedrock for innovative projects that are leveraging features such as private smart contracts and the speed of the AlephBFT consensus protocol. These include dapps and solutions that are native to the network as well as third-party integrations and ongoing partnerships with development teams, launchpads, and validators.

Native dapps and solutions

Third-party integrations


For more information, visit the Aleph Zero ecosystem map. You can also make your own submission if you’ve already built something on the network. More projects will be included as the ecosystem continues to expand.

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