Testnet Validator Airdrop

Get rewards for running a Testnet validator node

Aleph Zero Testnet is an essential proving ground for the platform and the whole ecosystem. The Testnet Validator Airdrop program rewards node operators who contribute to Aleph Zero Testnet as validators. The airdrop aims to provide incentive and offset costs of running a dedicated Testnet validator.

Testnet Validator Airdrop rules

  1. Eligibility: The Airdrop rewards node operators who run both Mainnet and Testnet validator nodes. Due to legislative reasons, individuals and companies located in the following countries are excluded: Belarus, China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, USA

  2. Active block production: A node operator gets rewarded for each Testnet era during which their validator node produced at least one block, assuming their Mainnet operator was also producing blocks during a corresponding Mainnet era.

  3. Fair Distribution: To ensure everyone gets a fair shot, all participants are required to complete a KYC/KYB process. This verification helps to ensure that the rewards are distributed per node operator rather than per node.

  4. Reward Pool: 500 AZERO for each Testnet era, divided among all active validators in that era. The rewards are paid to the Mainnet validator account at the end of each quarter.

  5. Registration: To participate in the Airdrop, each node operator needs to register by filling in the Validator Form (see below for details). The data present in the form at the end of each quarter will be used as a base for calculating the payout list for that quarter.

  6. Contact: In case you changed your Testnet/Mainnet validator address at some point during a quarter and you would like the old address to also be taken into account, please update the form with new data and send an email to validator.airdrop.disputes@alephzero.org explaining the situation. The same email address can be used if you would like to dispute the amount of rewards received.

Registering for the Airdrop

The Validator Form helps us to collect information about eligible node operators and addresses of validator nodes they are running. To participate in the Airdrop you must complete the Validator Form. The procedure is simple and straightforward:

  1. Navigate to the Validator Form and click the Fractal ID button to go through KYC/B authorization.

  2. Upon completion and confirmation of your identity (this can take several hours), go to the form again and log in using the same Fractal ID button.

  3. Fill in addresses of your Testnet and Mainnet validator nodes. In case your are using a controller or a proxy account, please make sure to put the addresses of stash accounts there (in other words - accounts you used to bond the required 25K AZERO/TZERO when setting up a validator).

  4. To prove that you are indeed the owner of the entered Testnet account, we ask you to sign a simple message using that account's private key. Simply go to this page and use that Testnet account to sign a message Aleph Zero. Paste the resulting signature in the Validator Form and click Send.

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