Setting your identity

This section will guide you through the process of attaching real-world information to your Aleph account.

When you are a validator, you care for your credibility and recognizability as seen by potential nominators. One way of ensuring the trustworthiness of your account is attaching some real-world information to your account, including the display name, email, website, etc.

Additionally, for Testnet, it makes it significantly easier for the Aleph Zero team to verify your submission.

The easiest way to set up attach information to your identity is by using the 'Accounts' -> 'My accounts' section of the Aleph Wallet. After clicking the three dots on the right side of your account row, you will be able to select the 'Set on-chain identity' option.

After clicking it, you will see a form when you can input your information:

Choosing your display name is the required minimum, although we encourage you to fill as much information as possible. Please note that you will have to toggle the 'include field' switch for every field you'd like to fill. After filling your information, you will be asked to sign a transaction (incurring a very small fee).

And just like that, you're recognizable on the chain!

Custom fields

If you want to include any custom fields, you can do so by going to the 'Developer' -> 'Extrinsics' section and selecting the setIdentity(info) extrinsic from pallet identity. There you can add arbitrary fields by clicking 'Add item' and upload files instead of typing the text. After completing all of your desired information, you proceed by clicking 'Submit transaction' and signing it like any other extrinsic (it will still incur a small fee).

Note that even if you filled some of the fields before, you will need to provide the value again. If you leave it at 'None', they will disappear after you submit the transaction.

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