Running the binary

Run an Aleph node on the testnet for validating transactions with these instructions.

File descriptor limit

Since you are not running the node in a docker, there is one additional OS level configuration you have to take care of. The node uses a lot of file descriptors, both for network connections as well as database handling. To check the limit run:

ulimit -Hn

If the returned value is at least 10000 you are set. Otherwise increase the limit to the recommended value by running:

DESCRIPTOR_CONFIG="$USER hard nofile 10000"
sudo echo $DESCRIPTOR_CONFIG >> /etc/security/limits.conf

Relogin and check the limit again to ensure the change took effect.


First, source the script you created two chapters back and set the config variables:


Once all of the variables mentioned in the previous chapters are set, you can start the node with the following command:

aleph-node \
  --validator \
  --enable-pruning \
  --execution Native \
  --name "${NAME}" \
  --base-path "${BASE_PATH}" \
  --pool-limit "${POOL_LIMIT}" \
  --chain "${CHAIN}" \
  --node-key-file "${NODE_KEY_PATH}" \
  --backup-path "${BACKUP_PATH}" \
  --rpc-port "${RPC_PORT}" \
  --ws-port "${WS_PORT}" \
  --port "${PORT}" \
  --validator-port "${VALIDATOR_PORT}" \
  --public-addr "${PUBLIC_ADDR}" \
  --public-validator-addresses "${PUBLIC_VALIDATOR_ADDRESS}" \
  --rpc-cors all \
  --no-mdns \
  --ws-max-connections "${WS_MAX_CONNECTIONS}" \
  --enable-log-reloading \
  --rpc-methods Unsafe \
  --bootnodes "${BOOT_NODES}" \
  --unit-creation-delay "${UNIT_CREATION_DELAY}" > ${LOG_FILE} 2>&1

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