How to Change Nominations

Learn how to change nominations when staking on Aleph Zero's secure blockchain with privacy-enhancing technology.

Nominating a particular validator with your staked AZERO is an expression of trust that this validator will act honestly and perform well when producing blocks. As a nominator, it is in your responsibility and best interest to make sure your chosen validator is trustworthy. As always - do your own research. If at any point you decide to change your chosen validator, below you can find step by step instructions how to do it while being a direct nominator or a member of a nomination pool.

Direct nomination

  1. Go to the Staking tab of the mainnet and the Accounts tab – make sure the Stashed mode is enabled in the top left corner. You will see the list of all your accounts participating in direct nominations.

  2. For the account you would like to change the nomination, click on three dots at the end of the line and select Set nominees:

  3. In the popup menu you will see your currently selected validator in nominated accounts column:

  4. Click on that validator to make the name disappear from nominated accounts.

  5. Find your new validator in candidate accounts and click it. The name should now appear in nominated accounts.

  6. Click Nominate button and sign the transaction.

In the Accounts tab your newly modified nomination will result in Active nominations being changed to Waiting nominations. Your choice will become active at the beginning of the next era. Please note that you will keep nominating your previous validator until the end of the current era. That way switching to a new validator does not introduce any "gap" in your nomination period and no rewards are missed when changing your nomination.

Nomination pools

Unlike in the direct nomination mode, there is no way to quickly switch to a different nomination pool and have the change effective with the beginning of the next era. You need to leave your current pool (which requires waiting through the 14 days unbonding period) and then join the new pool. Please check sections related to nomination pools in How to Stop Staking and How to Start Staking With the Developer Wallet for step-by-step instructions on how to do that.

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