This documentation describes the Shielder -- a modular shielded pool with the following characteristics:

  • Supports depositing and withdrawing PSP22 (ERC20 equivalent) tokens into a common shielded pool,

  • Users within shielder have secret identifiers: ZK-IDs

  • Supports an optional Registrar -- a party or set of parties responsible for registering new users in the shielder by whitelisting their ZK-IDs

  • Supports an optional Anonymity Revoker -- a party or set of parties that have the power to deanonymize a particular user, given special circumstances,

  • Supports shielded transfers in "safe way", i.e., a transfer must be claimed by the recipient to be considered done,

  • Supports ZK-plugins: auxiliary programmable logic that works on secret data stored on shielded accounts,

In the subsequent pages we go step by step and describe these components in detail.

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