The Aleph Zero community is continuously growing, proving to be fertile ground for discussion and insights into the blockchain space. We also welcome all to take part in our Ambassador Program.

The Aleph Zero community is active across many different social channels with engaged users, collaborators, and ambassadors.

Join us on your favorite platform: Discord, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube

Start building with us by visiting the Aleph Zero Github or Contribute Panel.

You can also participate in the Aleph Zero Ambassador Program and help shape the future of the network.

In every quarterly cohort, we are looking for:

  • Proactive leaders

  • Social media experts

  • Quality assurance magicians

  • Relationship builders

If you’re one of those, you can play an essential role in educating the community and helping the A0 team with:

  • Translation

  • Community management

  • Running meetups and local conferences

Our Ambassadors also have the opportunity to beta-test new features of Aleph Zero and its partner products. Apply now!

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