In this section, we go over the mechanism determining validator and nominator compensation for their work in safeguarding the network.
In each era we split rewards accordingly:
  • 90% goes to nominators and validators
  • 10% goes to the treasury.
Whenever a validator or delegator wishes to retrieve their stake, the coins will progress into the unbonding state in which it will not be possible to use them for an additional period of 14 days, without accruing rewards.
In total, 30M*0.9 AZERO will be distributed among validators and nominators each year. Out of this pool, each validator will get a reward proportional to their stake increased by the commission it takes from their nominators’ stake. Similarly, nominators get rewards proportional to their stake decreased by the validator’s commission.
What’s worth pointing out is that the rewards will be lower whenever the number of staked coins is lower, the validator commission is higher, or the uptime is less than perfect.